Friday, September 28, 2007

god save fluff

everyone knows that fluff was invented in somerville ma, right?
well, if you didn't, stick that bit of trivia in that spot in your brain where you usually store information like where you put your keys when you came home from work (you'll be late for work, but you'll always know where fluff came from).
this year is the 90th anniversary of the invention of fluff, and in somerville (union square to be exact) they're having a 'fluff festival'..officially called the 'what the fluff?' fest.
there will be a fluff baking contest, fluff games to play, and an appearance by the 'flufferettes'...boy howdy!!
here's the info...looks so kitschy i can barely stand it.

*oh, and just in case anyone is confused, when i say 'fluff', i'm talking about the white marshmellowy substance that you use in rice crispy treats, or ambrosia, that comes in a jar...i am not talking about softcore gay porn. just wanted to clear that up.


jesse said...

I went to this "festival" last summer and I hate to was poop. Kinda grimy, self-aware and ironic, not fun. Sorry. Hey, maybe babies like it.

aprildawn said...

i wasn't expecting much, i mean "union square" is pretty much just a parking lot and a concrete median between two streets...but, i'm excited about the prospect of eating fluff, and possibly a fluffernutter sammich.

Lloyd said...

Fluff is PEOPLE!!!

aprildawn said...

festival was odd. TONS of hipsters eatin' fluff, buying fluff stuff..too many people, not enough room for fluff.