Wednesday, July 18, 2007

officially mom

about five months ago, i gave birth to an absolutely beautiful baby boy, as you may have seen from the many pictures on this blog. the labor was painful, and surreal. you would think after passing something the size of a 7 pound watermelon out of a certain orafice on your body, together with a sagging stomach, stretch marks, five months of diaper changes and breastfeeding, etc, that it would definitely make you feel like you are now officially a mom.
but, i think that just today, as I WIPED BABY VOMIT OUT OF MY BELLY BUTTON, that i officially felt like a mom.

ah, sharing.


Lloyd said...


Watch these babies tasting lemons:

Goodness gracious.

Jeremicah said...

What about poo in the lap? Has he made the explosive poo in your lap yet? Then you're sanctified.
X Christine