Tuesday, July 24, 2007

baby and the beach

there is nothing that says 'summer in massachusetts' more than a wedding on cape cod. this past weekend we took harlan to this second wedding, our friends jason and sasha (who are now known as 'the jonesteins'). it was a grand, lavish wedding but sweet and beautiful all the same. (and an open bar until midnight, yahoo!)
the day after the wedding, we said out bittersweet goodbyes to our friends, and went to take harlan to the beach for the first time. he didn't really see what the hubbub was about...and i'm sure he was none too happy about the sand in his diaper.

this picture really sums up his thoughts about the whole experience. after taking a few digital memories, we promptly fell asleep in a big family lump on a blanket. it was perfect.

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