Tuesday, May 29, 2007

screw you, hippie!

this weekend we had a bbq with some of our new parent friends. there were 10 adults, 3 infants under 3 months, 1 child and 3 dogs. it went fairly well, but i will say that it is almost impossible to hold a conversation with someone when you're trying to juggle dog and baby, make sure everyone has enough drink, and there's food ready for the grill...quite chaotic. it was a bit of an experiment for us, since for the last 4-5 months, we've been less than the social butterflies we used to be. i think we did ok, although we were exhausted when the whole thing ended (at 8pm...oi, so early).
as mister irving and i sat around that evening, dreading the coming clean up, we revisited some of the open ended conversations we had.
we realized from talking out loud about some of the things that we do in our everyday life now that we're much crunchier parents than we ever thought we would be. we had a natural childbirth in a birth center that looked like an antique b&b; we prepared for that childbirth by studying hypnosis techniques and meditation; we use cloth diapers; we co-sleep; we're making our household 'green' in as many ways as we can (reduce, reuse, recycle); ernie takes yoga classes at the local buddhist temple; ernie has acupuncture therapy; i actively meditate when i breastfeed; our dog is a rescue pup; and on and on...
we've seriously been considering moving to the mountains and becoming a completely sustainable vegetarian household...
and yet, we scoff at the idea of being compared to crunchy hippie types. scoff!

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