Wednesday, May 23, 2007


when you become new parents, there is one question that you are asked each and every time you come into a conversation with an old friend who doesn't have kids...and that is, "do you feel like you're missing out?"
i have a lot of time to think about this question, as i am a 'stay at home mom' (i kind of hate that moniker, but for lack of something better, there it is)...for the past two and a half months, i've pretty much done one of these things, 1. sat in a chair, breastfed, lived vicariously through the new yorker 2. washed laundry every day 3. tried to keep dog hair off of everything the baby owns 4. watched lots and lots of awful television while breastfeeding. 5. made funny faces, noises, etc, etc, to make harlan giggle out loud.
i mean, i've 'really' had time to think about it. and honestly, i don't really miss much. but, while we're being honest, i'll say the one thing i miss the most is live music. i miss going to see bands play, whether they suck or are great, i just really miss going out to see music.
there is something absolutely cleansing about going to see live music. i know, it won't be long before i'll be back out there at shows, harping on this or that, smugly criticizing the band i'm watching for being dull or sounding too much like t-rex, or just standing against the wall with my arms crossed and a furrowed brow while someone completely impresses me...but right now, i do miss it.

it's probably going to suck for harlan when his mom comes to hang out with him to watch his favorite band. poor guy.

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