Wednesday, April 12, 2006

saturday, saturday, saturday!!

a quick break in the paris pics...there are three great shows this saturday, the 15th, that i would like to recommend highly. first, gogol bordello is playing at the roxy, an early show (6pm)...anyone who has seen them knows that this isn't one to miss. after that, at around 9pm, there is an AMAZING show taking place at tt the bears...the beat circus, humanwine, guignol and alec k redfearn and the eyesores...please please come out and support these truly incredible and talented won't be disappointed, and if you are, please come see me, and i will rightly take my shoe off and smack it upside your head.
the last show is one that i will miss, unfortunately, i can't be several places at once (goddamn MIT, get to work on that one!)...the edith piaf performance band, Ziaf, will be playing a show at the lizard lounge. if you're in the mood for french chanson, this will be a good one.

my money will be on the beat circus, and i suggest everyone join in.



Anonymous said...

holy fuck. what an amazing show! how did you find out about these bands??? are they all based in bostoN?

aprildawn said...

most of the bands are from boston...gogol bordello is from nyc, and guignol is from brooklyn, i think alec k is from providence, but beat circus and humanwine are out of boston (by way of cambridge, etc.).
i found out about the beat circus, by taking a chance one night and checking them out upstairs at the middle east. i've not been disappointed in their shows since, and the other night was the best one i've seen so far.