Tuesday, April 18, 2006


other than the usual lovely things about paris, (sitting alone in cafe's drinking kir and slirping up fromage blanc avec miel, looking straight up the middle of the eiffel tower, eating a camembert baguette and drinking white wine in the rodin sculpture garden, kindly dropping a euro or two to any street accordianiste...etc., etc..), there also happen to be quite a few carousels, which, of course make the city even more photogenic than it already is. when i first arrived in paris, my first thought was to search out all of the carousels in paris, and start a photographic tour of them...but i simply didn't have time (and was often distracted by the 'wine drinking cafe sitting' part of me).
here are the few that i found...and a few that i rode. (thank you mr.doeg for indulging me in my little infatuation).


Lloyd said...

I don't speak the fwa fwa, fwa fwa; but I have ridden my share of Parisian carousels, if I may say so. Okay one. But I've noticed that this is something of a fetish with you. You were quite obsessed with the one in Central Park, if I remember correctly. What is it, a repressed childhood memory?

aprildawn said...

not so much repressed, as just non existant...the only carousels i rode when i was younger where in cities (nashville, cincinatti...) they seemed so very metropolitan to me. i suppose this is the draw. always just a country girl aching for the big city.
and most of them are absolutely beautiful works of art.