Tuesday, February 14, 2006

i'll fly away...

it's no secret that i'm no fan of flying. maybe in a more esoteric since of the word, but as for getting into a large metal box with about 150 strangers and heading up to heavens, it's just not for me.
so, today, i fly home to tennessee for a short trip. a sad, and i'm sure to be stressful trip, since this might be the last time i see my little brother before he is tried and wrongly accused of something he couldn't have done.
this time, i'm more leary of the trip, than the travel. but, as calm as i try to be about my coming flight, my muscles are tense, my hands tremble, i feel a bit of a knot coming up in the pit of my stomach and i wonder where it is all coming from. since i was a child, i've wanted to travel all over the grand earth, so how did i get so afraid of this things that i have no control over.

off i go in my comfiest of pants, and softest of sweaters to brave the great skies above...xannex in pocket, clara rockmore in my cd player.


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cinnamongirl said...


This is Barbie, I stop by here all the time and read and enjoy. I just want to tell you I am in complete agreement. Nigel couldn't have been responsible for that.I thought it was already taken care of. I hope so badly for him to be exhonirated. I couldn't possibly imagine the pain you all are going through. I just wanted you to know and please communicate to your family that they are in my thoughts. Love, me