Tuesday, February 07, 2006

blessed arrangement...

*"hard life" by will oldham..bonnie 'prince' billy (from the album, 'master and everyone')
while my diligent and ever patient husband was slowly and painstakingly editing our wedding pictures the other night, he pulled out this album for background. it's always odd when you fall in love with a song, and then as time goes by, you just stop listening to it, falling in love with newer, younger songs, and then one day...one day, you find it again, on a whim, on an old mixtape or while tooling around the internet, and lo, you're still as completely in love with it as you were before.
this song, 'hard life' is lovely, and achingly painful. it almost rips your heart out and makes you want to sit in a dark corner with a nice cheap bottle of cherry port (even if you're perfectly happy with current relationships, this song will pull out the pain of the past for you to wallow in and relish).


Amy L Clark said...

wallow and relish is the name of my next book

aprildawn said...

or if it were a comical memoir about that time you worked at a hotdog stand, you could call it "wallow 'n relish"...hehe.