Wednesday, September 07, 2005

the 617 to the 781

here's a few interesting shows taking place in and around boston that i feel are important enough to take up space in my dayplanner (sorry, no time for links, maybe later):
wednesday, september 7: ziaf @ les zygomates
thursday, sept.8: suftjan stevens @ somerville theater (sold out)
sept.8: bloc party @ the avalon
friday, sept.9: seu jorge @ pearl street, north hampton
sept.9: black dice @ the mass fine arts museum
sept.9: apollo sunshine & mazarin @ middle east down
saturday, sept.10: the brazilian girls w/ ozmatli @ the paradise
monday, sept.12: nouvelle vague @ the paradise
wednesday, sept.14: sue jorge @ the mass fine arts museum
sept.14: portistatic & mary timony @ the middle east up
thursday, sept.15: sigur ros @ the opera house
saturday, sept.17: ziaf w/ cirkestra @ the lizard lounge
(also the south end open studios are this weekend)
sunday, sept. 18: the notwist @ the mfa
monday, sept.19: the gossip @ great scott's
saturday, sept.24: lila downs @ the somerville theater
(the new hampshire scottish highland games are this weekend, biggest in new england)
tuesday, sept.27: black rebel motorcycle @ the paradise
wed. sept.28: wierd war @ great scotts
mon. october 3: built to spill @ the avalon
thurs. oct. 6: daniel lanois w/ tortoise @ the somerville theater
monday, oct. 10: the decemberists @ the avalon
tuesday, oct. 11: (this day breaks my heart, two great shows, same night, ugh!!!)
the new pornographers w/ destroyer @ the roxy
the beat circus w/ sleepy gorilla time museum @ tt the bears

thursday, oct.13: dungen @ the middle east up
friday, oct. 14: jonathan richman @ the somerville theater
oct. 14: deerhoof @ the middle east down
sunday, oct. 16: the dirty three @ mass fine arts museum
thursday, oct.20: wolf parade @ the middle east down
sunday, oct.23: son volt @ the paradise
monday, oct.31: black eyed peas w/ gwen stefani @ the ol' fleet centah (yup yup!)
oct.31: the dresden dolls @ the avalon
friday, nov. 4: paris combo @ the somerville theater
wed. nov. 16: the black keys @ avalon
*that's all i got...if anyone has any other interesting shows that are worthy of spots in my planner, let me know*


Anonymous said...

you forgot antony and the johnsons! 9/28 at paradise

Xolo said...

Do you actually go to all of these?

Missing? White Stripes 9/21 and Bauhaus November 17 (I think).

aprildawn said...

i put them in my planner, and then i pick and choose which ones i can afford.
um...and i've been to see the white stripes twice, and i really don't think they're worthy of another viewing. you'd think at some point, she'd actually learn how to play drums, but i think she might be too concerned with looking cute.