Sunday, October 12, 2008

the world goes dancing...

i'm sick of politics, i'm sick of hearing about how tanked our economy is and wondering if my family will have enough money to make it through the winter (hubby being in sales and all) stomach is in knots, my head hurts and honestly, i really don't want to think about it any longer. other than clip coupons, etc, etc, there's not really all that much i can do about it. it will be, what it will be.

so, this weekend, the lil' family and i went dancing. out into the streets (or sidewalks, rather) of davis square, somerville, mass. the third annual HONK! festival was saturday and it was lovely and amazing as ever. those not familiar with honk!, imagine if you can, a suburban fellini film, blend in a little down home marching band, some lousiana style horns and sauce, squish it all together and stuff it into a four block area and you have HONK!. davis square's minuscule answer to burning man.
it's family friendly and loud, and everyone dances in the street with abandon, even the cambridge liberal elite (heavens!). best thing about HONK!, it's free! all that music, all that fun, all those dancin' freaky deaky hippie types, for FREE!

i will say, if you bring a baby, bring him some earplugs. harlan was a little stunned. his parents are irresponsible (gasp!). but, after he got used to the crazy, he loved it. stilt walkers, fire eaters, fire tossers, hoola hoop girls, giant horn sections, carnivale dancers, bass drums and toms, crazy costumes and a parade. what more? what more?

so, thanks. thanks to all the little people who organized the festival this weekend. thanks for taking my mind off the reality that is my life and everyone else's. we needed the respite, can't wait for next year.

this footage gives a little bit of the feel of the music at the festival. this band happens to be from somerville (emperor nortons stationary marching band), but the bands were from all over. i'll be posting video as soon as i figure out how to edit my what i shot.

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