Wednesday, July 02, 2008

off topic: pixies fans

just watched the documentary 'loudQUIETloud' about the reuniting of the pixies a few years back. (a concert that i missed because i was broke and let the tickets sell out...therefore, i have never seen a band that so deeply influenced my teen years that i tear up every time i hear one of their songs...missed seeing them when i was in highschool for religious reasons..yeah, seriously.)
the movie made me sad, and happy for many different reasons. sad that they are over, and there will never be another band like them, sad that they really don't seem to be aware of how much they've influenced the state of EVERTHING we listen to today, sad that except for joey, they all seem a little depressed and little broken (but, aren't we all?)...happy that they existed and were a part of my life, happy that i knew who they were even though i lived in the middle of nowhere and could have been listening to only garth brooks and reba macintyre (for this i thank jeremy kerr for making me that amazing mix tape when i was a freshman, can't thank you enough), happy because one day i will get to play doolittle and surfer rosa for harlan and tell him if it weren't for a little known guitarist named joey santiago, we wouldn't have classic rock bands like 'nirvana'.
to the pixies, i salute you.


Jeremicah said...

It is plausible that I first heard the Pixies in your company. Thanks, and I'm sorry about being such an obnoxious young dipshit.

I arrived in time to hear Cactus from the Ryman lobby. And Tom Waits sold out while I tried to remember my ticketshyster password.

aprildawn said...

my apologies to you as well, for the same. :-)

Shannon said...

I can't remember why but I missed them @ the Ryman back in 04. I seem to think I was out of town. I do remember being very crestfallen.

Missing that tour REQUIRED me to see Sonic Youth this year. Thank jebus I didn't miss that show. It was near religious.

Speaking of other bands of that period, knowing My Bloody Valentine will only be hitting NY, Chi-town, and LA this September is like a knife to the heart. So close yet so far.