Monday, April 21, 2008

not easy being green

i do not have the right to get preachy about earth day. i mean, i have a kid...he's pretty much an environmental disaster all wrapped up in a cute little package. i can't even begin to count how many boxes of wet wipes we've gone through since he's been born...not too mention all of the plastic this and plastic that (toys, cups, etc, etc) that kids go through these days. and they make stuff for kids like they make cell phones...they 'self-obsolete' after about 6 months of use.
we try, hubby and i, to do the best we can. we use cloth diapers (even though we do use the occasional disposable). i try to use cloth grocery bags, (when i remember them). but, it's obvious to us, that there is so much more we could do. (so, so much more)
so, tomorrow, as if to punch it into gear, i'm going to black out our house. television, radio, and computer will all be unplugged for the day. lights will be off (i'm sure i'll forget a time here and there), and i'm going to walk and use public transportation to take our trip to the zoo for their earth day celebration.
these things are simple to do, but they are things we take for granted, because of the lifestyles which we're so accustomed.
now, i know that not everyone can 'blackout', but i'm sure there is something simple that everyone can try for just one day to help ease our carbon footprint.
it takes a bit of extra time for planning, and i realize just how precious time is these days, to everyone. but, maybe just for a day. one day. c'mon guys!

some ideas:
- consider purchasing cloth grocery bags instead of paper or plastic (keep them in your car, they're easier to remember to use)
- if you have a kid, consider buying used toys, etc, from craigslist or other sites.
- unplug electronics when they aren't being used, even when they're turned off they're still sucking up energy.
- whenever you can, walk, bike or use public transportation
- if you live in a rural area with no recycling program, consider starting one in your neighborhood (or hollar...:-)
- turn off that faucet when you shave and brush your teeth...or better yet, shave and brush in the shower.
- buy local organic produce from local farmer's markets (or, if you can, consider a CSA to support local agriculture)

these are all things that i'm looking at doing myself, i promise i'm not being preachy (see above)'s a slow going process, but it's not impossible to make changes.



Jeremicah said...

Oh go on with ya. C'mon lets!

I keep forgetting to use my reusable bags too. But we likes ta paint on da paper!

And I use disposable diapers (chlorine free most often), but no diaper wipes, just washcloths. So. You know. There are shades of green to dress anyone.

Lloyd said...

You should install a green potty (a.k.a. "composting toilet") in your house. The downstairs neighbor would be thrilled. Here's what they look like.

If you're not quite excited enough about the idea already, there's actually a web site called Composting Toilet World. Swear to God.