Wednesday, December 26, 2007

just close your eyes and breathe...

yes, yes, merry christmas and happy new years, etc. etc.
this was the best christmas so far, hubby, baby, dog and myself all stayed home for quiet time, barely even stepping out of our pajamas for the entire day. there really should be more days like this, not just christmas.

on an unrelated topic, (or maybe not), i am in love with this idea, and i'm so excited that someone actually took the initiative to start something like this. if you can, please support it, i can personally account for the wonders of meditation in my own life (and i'm not even that good at it).
rarely do i find a cause that i can truly get behind, but this really is a good thing. i honestly believe that if i would have been taught meditation or "quiet time" techniques as a child, i would be a much less neurotic person these days. (granted, there would still be a bit of neurosis, but i would deal with it better, i think). i think that so many of my friends would be taking a lot less medication if they had been taught from childhood how to deal with all the crazy things going on in their heads, instead of just being told that we would "grow out of it".

so, kudos to your mister lynch! you can do something other than making crazy weird and fantastic movies!


jesse said...

Funny, my biggest new year's resolution is to figure out how to meditate. Now David Lynch will be my instructor.

"rarely do i find a cause that i can truly get behind" is that true?

aprildawn said...

i find quite a few causes that i believe in, but not many that i would really go around talking about and trying to get others to agree with...this is one i think should be talked about more in mainstream conversations. i think meditation should become a more 'normal' way of our lives, instead of something reserved for the eccentrics among us.