Tuesday, October 30, 2007

teeny halloween

harlan as jake gyllenhaal as donnie darko as a hipster skeleton

mister irving and i really get into halloween. i don't know if there has been a year that we've known each other that we've not dressed up (or had a kick ass party). but, this year, with the coming of our wee sprog, we were a bit sidetracked and forgot to buy costumes. of course, being new parents, it's easy to get sidetracked with a baby when the rest of the world kind of 'let's go' of you. i'm just saying, in years past, ernie and i have been invited to at least two (usually multiple) halloween parties. this year, we were invited to one (thank you jesse's friend jon for inviting us to your party...we assume that you invited us because you forgot we have a baby, but thank you anyway, it made us feel good).
i know, i know...there's a good chance we wouldn't have made it to any parties (and didn't), but c'mon people, we have a baby, we aren't dead yet.

we vow that when harlan is older we will treat him to halloween costumes and parties that will blow his friends away. we will probably spend more on halloween than christmas...and if he wants to go to salem to go trick or treating with the rest of the frat boys and goth kids, so be it, we'll drive him ourselves.
so, we fell short this year..his costume was bought at target, and daddy and mommy didn't dress up...we'll be better parents next year.

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jesse said...

oh babganoush, come now, I'll keep inviting you to parties until you're an old drooling infirm!