Wednesday, April 04, 2007

and the world it just keeps spinning...

pretty much the only connection i have with the outside world these days is this here internet, and cable television (and the few wonderful friends that have made the trek to medford to come see us...thanks for continuing to call even when i don't return phone calls)...
i can't make any observations about cable television on this blog that aren't already made on the shows 'best week ever', 'talk soup', or "other relentlessly indulgent re-cap show emphasizing the absolute lack of attention span of our entire country".

i will, however, make observations on my life with a baby and the internets, to let all of my single childless friends live through me (like i know they want to)...
1. sometimes babies poop yellow curry, sometimes palak paneer
2. mister irving is really good at keeping house
3. four weeks of sleeping only in two hour intervals can cause some really strange things to happen to your brain
4. that new alanis morrisette video of her covering 'my humps' is histerical, why didn't she do something like this earlier, maybe john tesh wouldn't have dumped her ass
5. babies puke on you a lot
6. baby farts do stink
7. i really enjoy that bravo show 'workout' (possibly because i now weigh 178 pounds, it's fun to watch pretty skinny people with emotional problems)
8. my neighborhood is creepily quiet during the day
9. you tube will be the ultimate end of civilization as we know it
10. my baby (and my husband) is cuter than yours

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