Wednesday, October 25, 2006

myspace...not just for breakfast

even though, on a regular and daily basis i hear a conversation on my commute between children around the ages of 10-15, commiserating about how this person or that person isn't on their myspace page, and how upset they are about it, i still think that myspace is a good thing, if only because i've discovered many bands that i would have normally never known existed.
here are some examples of bands i'm listening to on myspace:
a hawk and a hacksaw
i just bought their newest album, and it is lovely. wonderful autumn album to listen to while baking pies or braising some cabbage.

yep, still on a gypsy kick and these guys are great. quick, makes me want to spin in circles and throw things in the air (like chairs or vodka bottles).

den flygande bokrullen
swedish klezmer! yes!

oh, how i love paris...let me count zee ways...

einmal kommt die liebe
norwegian cabaret...smokey, lazy and efficient.

martin martini and the bone palace orchestra
sweet sweet cabaret type music from australia...and they even wrote a song about marvelous!

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Talia said...

Hi! this might sound odd but I was wondering i fyou could recognize what song this is, I've been looking around like crazy, any help would be appreciated.
I can't post the video url here
so here's my email address