Thursday, September 28, 2006

october, a helluva month

the month of october is full of lovely little happenings that i'm terribly excited about. here are some highlights:
oct.11: this is the day mister doeg and i find out if we're having a bratty little girl or a snot nosed little boy. joy. joy. (but, seriously, i'm excited, not about finding out the sex, but about actually putting a face to what's been making me so adament and knowledgable about cloth diapers, circumcision, multi vitamins and meditation.)
oct.16: on this day at the natick high school, the man known to most as lemony snicket will be doing a reading. honestly, i've read not one of his books, but my special interest in this event is the fact that 'the gothic archies', (one of mister stephen merritt's many side projects) will be his 'backing band' for the reading. here is all the important info.
oct.19-22: the beat circus vaudeville orchestra will be playing at the anniversary event for the regent theater in arlington, ma...including burlesque performers, an acrobatic circus troupe, and an opera singer. all of those things together just make me all tingly. check it out here:
voltaic vaudeville!

and i know it's barely october yet...but this weekend i will be happily attending the biggest yard/garage/tag sale in the united states in warrensburg, new york. ahhh...i can almost taste the fried dough and smell the dusty depression glass.

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Mr. Dickens said...

Girl? Boy? Congrats by the way and good luck!