Thursday, August 31, 2006

no one puts baby in a corner

i grew up in rural, rural tennessee. the name of the town i grew up in was 'defeated'...a bit damning, but i took it in stride.
we were so far away from 'things' that we never had cable. not even basic cable. it was a mysterious, beautiful thing reserved for family trips, and vacations involving hotel stays.
when i moved out on my own, television (and cable) weren't that important to me. living on my own, i usually never owned a television. not in that high and mighty way that some people don't own a television, but in that, 'i can't be trusted to turn it off, ever' sort of way.

for four years, i've lived in massachusetts without cable. and just this past weekend, my husband, sweet thing that he is, broke down, and hooked basic cable up to our television. i'm assuming he was much too tired of vegging out to re-runs of the gilmore girls. (a show which annoys me to no end, but i watch it like i would watch a train wreck).
in my current 'condition', i watch much too much television, being too tired to move most of the time. and here are some observations i've noticed about basic cable. (being completely new to the whole experience at the age of 31)
1. i've seen way too many pieces of movies with patrick swayze these past few days.
2. i wonder if kids in southie get stoned and watch the catholic sure reason why you should never smoke minute you're calm and baked on your parents couch, and the next moment you're sitting in confession, telling a hole in the wall how 'that sister mary catherine really is all that, and a bag of chips'.
3. why doesn't mtv play music videos any longer?
4. miami ink is a much better show that inked.
5. rachel ray is getting fat.
6. those mythbuster guys have no reason to be 'that' cocky.
7. .57 channels and nothing's true, bruce, so true.


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jewlover2 said...

HEY! Gilmore Girls is a really good show. :)

Here's a briefy to say 'congratulations'. I see your mother quite often and she informed me of your 'embryation'.

Read the lyrics to Fiona Apple's 'Pale September'...on a regular basis. Cozy reminders are always fruitful.