Wednesday, March 29, 2006

le francais

on our way to sweden and would think, at almost 31 years old, i would have taken some time to learn a bit of either language..but non, i did not.
here are some phrases i found that might be useful though...i plan to use them often:

"are you drunk?"
Est-ce que vous etes ivre?

"as a child, was your cradle rocked too close to the wall?"
On t'a berce trop pres du mur?

"my god, you're children are ugly!"
Mon Dieu, que vos enfants sont laids!

"how many of your customers have died?"
combien de vos clients sont morts?

"your frog has eaten my lunch!"
Votre grenouille a mange mon dejeuner!

"would you stop spitting on me while you're talking!?"
Voulez-vous cesser de me cracher dessus pendant que vous parlez!?

i'm sure i'll do just fine with the french...i mean, what are they going to do, riot in the streets??...

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