Thursday, January 12, 2006

ok kids, listen up!

dearies, if you are bored with current weather conditions in your area, or just need an all around cheering up, i've found that live music usually does the trick.
here, for your parousal, a few shows i would recommend to you:
(it's not a complete list, but most of the good ones)

Jan.24, Tuesday: Deerhoof @ Middle East down
Jan.25, Wednesday: The Walkman w/ Mazarin @ Middle East down
Jan.26, Thursday: The Beat Circus w/ Alek K. Redfearn w/ Guignol @ TT the bears
Jan.27, Friday: our old friend Robbie Lee @ the Zeitgeist
Jan.28, Saturday: NYC show: Balkan Beats Dance party, Mehanata (bulgarian bar, nyc)
Jan.29, Sunday: NYC show: The Beat Circus w/ Guignol @ Mo Pitkins, NYC
Feb.2, Thursday: Low w/ His Name is Alive @ the Somerville Theater
FEb.10, Friday: Supergrass @ the Paradise
Feb.10, Friday: The Beat Circus @ Cafe9 New Haven, CT
Feb.11, Saturday: The Beat Circus @ BAM cafe, Brooklyn, NY
FEb.20, Monday: Edith Frost @ PA's Lounge, somerville
Feb.21, Tuesday: Animal Collective @ the Paradise
Feb.27 & 28: Monday&Tuesday: The New Pornographers w/ Belle & Sebastian @ Avalon
Mar.19, Sunday: Silver Jews @ Middle East down
Mar.23, Thursday: Mates of State @ Middle East down
Mar.26, Sunday: The Gossip @ Middle East down
Mar.27, Monday: Magnolia Elec. Co. w/ Destroyer @ Middle East down

updates to come.


Edith Frost said...

The MIT show has been moved to P.A.'s Lounge in Somerville, sorry for the confusion... and thank you Google Alerts for allowing me to correct that! :-)

aprildawn said...

cool, thanks miss edith!

Race Gannon said...

Rock stars read your blog. Damn that's hot.

jesse said...

I'll be at at least one of these shows but you'll have to go to all of them to find out which. In other news, check out this finalist at the Best of the Blogs awards: Zelda Fitz

aprildawn said...

I KNOW! it's not my blog!! i can't believe that bitch, stealing my blog name...of course, my blogname is "zelda's fitz" (a sort of pun, because zelda fitzgerald was crazy as a loon), and hers is "zelda fitz"...mine, i think, is much better...yes, much better.

jewlover2 said...

I read her blog often though. She's a really good writer!

aprildawn said...

yes, yes, the comment was all in jest, it actually is a great blog...but my name is better. (insert snotty emoticon)