Thursday, August 25, 2005

recently, currently etc...

recently finished reading everything is illuminted by jonathan safran foer. i neglected reading this when it was being so completely overhyped, as i so often 'neglect' to read things that are overhyped. but this book, i am happy to say, lives up to most of the hype. it's been quite some time since i've read someone with such a feel for storytelling. it's overly emotional, but you don't's overly quippy, but you don't notice that either...the only thing i noticed was how completely wrapped up in the story and the writing i became, before i was even aware of it. highly recommended.
also recently finished pan by knut hamson. first things first, if you've not read hunger by knut hamson, go now, buy it, and read it, immediately. with that said, if you have read already read 'hunger', and liked it (of course, who wouldn't? honestly.), then please, move on to 'pan'...and that bit of non information, is all your getting about that one.

currently reading ask the dust by john fante. bukowski was a big fan, so i thought i would give him a try. because of the entirely too slow mass bay transportation authority, i was able to read 30 pages of this book as soon as i bought it. and i can see, why bukowski liked him, why i like bukowski, and why i'm probably not going to like this book.

currently listening to:
  • gogol bordello "underdog world strike"
  • ...i really can't say enough about this band. their live show will kick your ass, leave you deaf for days, and bring out the roma blood in all of us. up to, and including, not bathing, ceaseless and senseless traveling, jangly jewelry, and dancing like mad until all hours of the morning.


    Anonymous said...

    i liked everything is illuminated but i have to confess i skipped the "dream" chapters and just focused on the main story...did i miss the whole point?

    gogol bordello : like any other amazing live band, i think their cds don't quite translate...for me they don't really work without seeing it.

    aprildawn said...

    if you skipped the dreams(especially the one at the very end), you kind of missed a big chunk of the story.
    and yes, i agree, the album is great, but you MUST see them live to really get gogol bordello.
    by the way, the lead singer from gogol bordello is playing 'alex' in the new movie version of 'everything is illumintated'.

    Anonymous said...

    interesting review of the latest book

    aprildawn said...
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    aprildawn said...

    that was a great review...hilariously bitter. the funny thing about 'everything is illuminated' for me, was that i liked it a lot more than i felt like i should like i should. and it didn't, in any way, make me want to read anything else he would ever write. i don't know what that says about the author, but that's pretty much how i felt about it.
    and like i said, it lived up to only "most" of the hype.