Wednesday, December 22, 2004

one too many mornin's...

not feeling the least bit bloggish of late. with the absolute reality of things weighing so heavy on my head it's harder and harder to lift myself from the pillow each day. but, i do...eventually. 'tis the season...supposedly happy.
to distract myself as of late:
not been doing much reading, other than the occasional copy of the onion, or short story/article from the new yorker. took a four year old child to new york city for her first visit (and during christmas, no less)...outstandingly enlightening. it's funny that i'm still astonished when children notice things i would have never seen, even if i've been there a thousand times. i don't think i've completely forgotten what it was like. have i?
met new friends of mine, old friends of ernie's, visiting from sweden. went to a show in boston, at great scott. saw local bands, tristan da cunha, night rally, and the clickers. spazzy proggish art rock...described by someone as not being within an arm's length of 4/4 time. but, again, i continue to be pleasantly suprised by boston's local music scene. three local bands, and i liked them all. although, call me old fashioned, but the clickers were a little too much fugazi and not enough artrock for me. ;-)'s a joke, a really bad joke.
there are many other things i'm sure i could mention...but as i said, not feeling bloggish.
off on a holiday adventure. up to new york, then down to tennessee to see what the new year will bring. it must be better than the last. it really must. i don't think i'll survive another 2004.

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